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Tom's Philosophy

Today's society is fragmented and the artist of today is being called upon in a unique way to take up the challenge of bringing order to a world of faction. In my paintings the coherence of different colors and styles is important in order to express the subject matter of the paintings as well as reflect the opposing forces in our present day world. the subject and style of the paintings are chosen based on my experiences in the real world of work, family and play.

Since acquiring polio at one year of age and resulting paralysis, I have been forced at an early age to be an observer, often to sit and watch while others performed. This experience taught me to learn to see and also that life is very fragile and unpredictable, to be experienced fully with whatever capabilities you possess. These experiences have led me to paint and draw. Instead of dancing I can now swirl with a pencil or sable brush.

Thus the number one consideration of painting is for the sheer enjoyment of the experience. It is on this most elementary level that I paint. There really doesn't have to be anything else, subject, form, or style. To presuppose that something should be only restricts the enjoyment and ultimately the quality and creativity of the work.

What is your style? This is a common question artist hear. But why not use style to help express what is going on in your mind? Many musicians combine styles, often combining sounds to produce interesting works. While experiencing a variety of events in life from businessman to artist to family, I use style to help with the expression of of these experiences and specializations.   Maybe it is too much. But it is what is going on in the mind. So I belong to no school of thought or style.

I have always enjoyed the freedoms that I have been giving in my life and also in my art. I hope too that the viewer recognizes and appreciates the freedoms and truth that are express with color on the canvas.

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