Early Period 1970’s to 1990’s

Middle Period 1990’s to 2010

Recent Period 2010 +

The first time I can remember where I learned oil painting technique was in a class taught by Mrs Coblanz who lived across the street from my family home on Maxine Drive. During the class she told us that her technique for laying out and mixing the paint was superior and that students would try other methods but would always come back to her technique. I remember wondering if Van Gogh or Monet or Picasso used the technique. But all in all the class was very influential in learning the basic technique to landscape painting. I referenced it many times during my painting career.

Later a more influential painter, George McCullough, entered my life when I took an oil painting class at night while working at Lincoln Life. Since the first landscape painting in the late 60’s I have produced many more, the vast majority on site with my portable easel. When I started to take classes with George we would go out all the time to places around the city and country side. I gradually just like to go by myself with a few beers and snacks. The hunt for the right place was almost as enjoyable.

 I used a variety of techniques, pallets, and styles. I generally let the spot dictate but sometimes I had something in mind that I was working on. I often go back to the same place. I liked revisiting the same scene because most of the problems had been worked out on the first visit. On subsequent visits I would be more loose and creative trying different methods and experiments.

In 2010 I started riding a Harley Trike and enjoyed strapping on my paints, a chair and umbrella searching out a place to paint. Rain never really bothered me and neither did cold if I dressed for it. But the wind would drive me nuts and I learned not to go out during a windy day or protect myself from the gust.

For the past 10 years I have been exploring a more cubist approach although I bounce back and forth as far as style goes. I have been influenced by Van Gogh, Grandma Moses, Picasso, Joan Mitchell, German expressionist, Matisse, many others, and of course George McCullough.

Overall I hope the viewer feels the power of the landscapes along with my interpretations and emotion response.

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