Nude with Chameleon 1

“Nude with Chameleons” 2012 Oil 30 x 40  by Tom Kelly

This painting is a continuation of the "Nude with" series. This is the first nude with a full male figure. The painting combines a male nude with chameleons. Wikipedia describes a chameleon as varying greatly in size and body structure. Many have head or facial ornamentation, such as nasal protrusions, or horn-like projections. Chameleons have very long tongues  (sometimes longer than their own body length) which they are capable of rapidly extending out of the mouth. Some chameleon species are able to change their skin colors. The primary purpose of color change in chameleons is social signaling. The Chameleons also have a long tail that is typically rolled up but often times can be seen fully extended.

Nude with Chameleon