Nude with Raw Meat-a

“Nude with Raw Meat” 30 x 40 Oil 2008 by Tom Kelly

This picture combines a classical nude pose with the raw meat you would find in a grocery store. The viewer is forced to consciously view either the meat or the nude and at the same time contemplate the concepts of the nude as raw meat, women as a meat market or the enjoyment of both.

 One of my first “nude with” series. My wife, Deb, hates this painting. But I get different reactions from women and men. The painting was displayed at a show in the  lobby of the Fort Wayne Art Museum. At the opening a gruff short muscular female museum guard came up to me and said she had to locate me just to tell me how much she loved the painting. “one of her favorites in the whole museum.” Nice complement.

Nude with Raw Meat