Mother Wants but the Rose Is (2)a

“Mother Wants but the Rose Is” 60 x 60 Oil 2002 by Tom Kelly

 My mother requested a large painting for her home. This painting is about my mother, her family, human nature, motherhood, and the cycle of life. The painting on the back wall was not meant to be representational but is a family portrait of my mom's eight children. My Mom and Dad are sitting on the couch. My Dad is looking forward distracted by something, maybe an IU basketball game. My Mom is looking up at the portrait of her family and also thinking about all the things that are important in her life, music, religion, family, her husband and beauty. The style content, color and design were all chosen to represent the multiplicity of wants and desires. The Rose represents the beauty of life and also it's limitations. The petals on the table shows the viewer that the Rose is real and is going to die. Later after my Mother had a major heart attack and was recovering, she would just lay on the couch and look at the painting. She died a few years later.

Mother Wants but the Rose Is