Fighting Wild the Side1

“Fighting the Wild Side” 36 x 48 Oil 1990’s by Tom Kelly

This is about the dichotomy of life in a family with it's responsibilities and at the same time not wanting to give up the wild more artistic side of ones personality. The part of the painting that was such a struggle was dividing two styles to make the point. On the one side of the painting where the wife and children are located, it is painted in bright colors but not very loose and creative. It is broken and struggles to really provide continuity, while the other side is dark loose, wild, expressive, and what I think is better art. This is the first time I used style to present truthful fears that the family was going to restrict creativity and the fear that sexuality can not be maintained in a relationship with children. I thought the painting would appeal to women that worry about being both a mother, housewife and still appeal sexually.

Fighting the Wild Side