“Stop” 30 x 36 Oil 1990’s by Tom Kelly

This is a work that combines the realistic style of the stop sign with the expressionistic style of the pond outside Kelly Box and Packaging Corp. There are two figures in the painting, one a child waving at the viewer. The viewer is not sure whether the child is wave hello or good-bye. The other figure is of a man walking away from the child. He is looking down and either is relaxed and in a meditative mood or he is sad and depressed. These two dichotomies and along with the two contrasting styles set up the tone of the painting. A challenging piece because of the dominance of the stop sign. I often fought on whether to take the stop sign out or make it more impressionistic like the reflection in the water. But like Meghan, my daughter, said, "If you took it out, it would be just another painting". The title says it all!